Together One Voice is a long-running community choir with branches in Omagh and Enniskillen. Our motto is 'if you can speak you can sing' and we extend an open invitation to all, from experienced singers to those of us who were told at a tender age 'You can't sing.' Yes we can!

Choir leader Valerie Whitworth has fifteen years experience in Natural Voice teaching methods, and her warm, relaxed style brings out the best in everyone. There are no auditions and all the songs are taught by ear; we embrace a wide variety of styles and global traditions, from simple chants to four part harmonies.

We sing for fun, but we also enjoy rising to a challenge. Sometimes our Omagh and Enniskillen branches join together for a special public performance, and we sing at art openings, community events, festivals, when the spirit moves us. Performing isn't for everyone of course, and you are very welcome to join us without ever choosing to sing in public.

Singing is good for the soul and makes you feel great, it creates a wonderful feeling of community, and the buzz is second to none. If you really catch the bug, there are one-off projects with other choirs to tap into, and we occasionally host special workshops with visiting tutors; this year we were delighted to welcome back two of the very best- Kirsty Martin and Brendan Taaffe. See events for all the juicy details.

Here's some highlights from our 'Everyone Can Sing' project generously funded by Comic Relief.