Four Directions NI Premiere

Well done to the 50-odd singers who took part in the NI premiere performance of Kirsty Martin's brilliant 'The Four Directions' suite in Belfast on March 19th. Thanks too to all our special guests on the night, and the helpful staff of the Agape Centre. More details to follow when we all get our breath back!

Brendan Taaffe treats

Brenadan Taaffe is a multi-instrumentalist with a growing reputation in the US and Europe as a performer, composer, and leader of powerful harmony singing workshops. He came all the way from Brattleboro, Vermont with his distinctive blend of bluegrass, gospel, Appalachian and shape note songs, for an intimate solo show and singing workshop in the Ulster American Folk Park on March 4/5.


Armed only with banjo, mbira, and his warm tenor voice, Brendan took us on a rich folk narrative to the heart of Americana, with a touch of Celtic and Zimbabwean roots along the way. The workshop next day was the perfect starting point for our Bluegrass Festival Choir project, which will form an integral part of the 25th Annual Bluegrass Festival in the Folk Park in September. Many thanks to Brendan.